1 month. 8,000 miles. 16 states. Nick, Janie and a Prius.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Days 20 & 21 - MT, WY, SD, WI

Yesterday we saw Mount Rushmore.. not much to say about that. Afterward though, we went to reptile world and got to see 'Drew' wrestle crocodiles and taunt cobras- it was sweet. I thought he was going to have his arm ripped off by 10 hungry crocs. We also got to see the famous Wall Drug. Last night we drove all night and made our way through three states. This whole trip we've made it without killing any creatures (save for bugs but who cares about 'em) up until last night. I hit an albino snake on the highway- a good first thing to hit seeing as they're not cute or big- and nick hit a bird. We're staying at a hotel in Tomah, WI. It's got a water park in it and kind of reminds me of the Great Wolf Lodge, which makes me miss having Aub and Bro running around like little animals.. Luckily I have Nick to fill that void- he spent $13 on Buckhunter tonight. Otherwise we've been swimming and napping, saving up energy to fly through some states tomorrow.

One stop shop.

'Get back honkey cat.'

The sunrise this morning.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Days 18 & 19 - ID, WY, MT

More abandon buildings & graffiti.


Nick claims that there were hooks in the walls in this room.

It's purely coincidental that I chose to point with this finger.

Montana's best dressed.

The Grand Tetons.

This is how we stay awake/entertain ourselves while driving.

Left- Nick's face is completely square, like a rock at Easter Island or something.

'The Duke.' Check out Nick's expression.

This cloud woke up late- embarrassing.

The Tetons/Yellowstone were the most beautiful and eventful places we've been to yet.

Crotchety old man.

We drove through 'bear country' but didn't get to see any grizzlies.


Ol' Faithful.


A bunch of albino trees and pine cones.

We snapped this quick cause we realized we were right next to a geyser.

On the sandbar. Deer Driftwood.

Skipping rocks/choreographing an n'sync music video.

Black sand.

We saw so many buffalo.

A baby or female moose.


This is a Marmot. It makes a noise just like a bird.

We played with these Pikas for a while. They're goofy.

Drifting. (Wish I could include the sound effect).

The Badlands and.or Mnt Rushmore tomorrow. Love you guys!!